Streamy for Online Video Home

Streamy is a standalone library which provides an elegant stream detection and messaging solution for HLS live streams.

Player solution:

Streamy is currently compatible with JW Player and Bitdash/Bitmovin, with coverage for Flowplayer, Clappr and MediaElementJS in the pipeline.

Bitdash 4 Bitdash 5 Bitmovin 6 Bitmovin 7 JW Player 7

You can test your own stream with Streamy by entering the URL to your HLS manifest in the field below:

Getting started with Streamy

Streamy has been designed to work "out-of-the-box" with minimum impact on your existing Online Video embed code.

To get up and running with Streamy, simply add a link to the Javascript library in the HEAD of your HTML page:

    <script src="//"></script>

And that's it! - Streamy will detect when an HLS media source is loaded into the player and - based on the availablity of the stream - will present appropriate messaging to the user.

Configuration options

Whilst the default settings would provide an enhanced experience covering most use-cases, there are some supporting methods provided to allow for customisation if required.