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Tracky for JW Player is a plugin providing a basic API for Tracks (captions/chapters/thumbnails).

Player library

JW 6.12 JW 7.11.3

Get Tracky for JW Player

You can get Tracky for JW Player here.

Or you can link directly to Tracky by including the following in your JW "plugins" setup block:

  plugins: {

The "track" object

By default, the bulk of Tracky API calls will return track data in the form of a JavaScript Object (or an Array of Objects).

The track object takes the following form:

    begin: "00:00:00,000", // The track's beginning time as a String
    beginPosition: 0, // The track's beginning time represented as seconds
    chapter: "1", // The WebVTT chapter title (if included) or a String indicating the track number
    end: "00:01:42,000", // The track's end time as a String
    endPosition: 102, // The track's end time represented as seconds
    info: "Opening credits", // The track's information - could be a Chapter heading, Caption text or an Image URL + offsets
    num: 0 // zero-based Array index of this track

Most API methods allow you to request a specific property from the track object by passing the property String as a parameter.